26. Nov. 2019 | Learning and Teaching Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science

26. Nov. 2019 | Learning and Teaching Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science

A Conference about Learning and Teaching Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Science

Kontaktstudium Data Science and Business Analytics

Kontaktstudium Data Science and Business Analytics

Für Berufstätige: Berufsbegleitende Weiterbildung

Masterstudium Data Science and Business Analytics

Masterstudium Data Science and Business Analytics

Für Berufstätige: Berufsbegleitendes Masterstudium


Interview mit Austauschstudent Alberto

Ein Semester lang studierte und arbeitete Alberto aus Almeria an der HdM. Während seines Praktikums im Bereich Data Science and Business Analytics war er am Märklin-Projekt beteiligt.

Wir haben ihn zu seinen Eindrücken an der HdM befragt.

What are you studying?
I study Computer Science Engineer at home. Here I study the minor program “Business Intelligence and Business Analytics” and I’m working as an Intern here at Hochschule der Medien.

What made you coming to Stuttgart/to HdM?
Last year my friend Manu went to a conference which was conducted by Prof. Dr. Peter Lehmann. I couldn’t be there because I was already abroad, but he recommended me to come here to Stuttgart and I saw that it was quite interesting. So, the offers the HdM had were fascinating for us because that was a new field and it was a really nice and new opportunity to explore new areas in the field.

What do you like here?
I really like the City itself because it is just a different point of view. Living abroad is something different and you need to do that for your personality. What I like the most is something which is covered by the University and repeating it constantly and the opportunity of creativity working that is attractive for me. I have never been on such kind of University it is really different from our point of view but it’s really attractive.

What are the main difference between HdM and studying/living in Almeria?
The difference is of course the language that comes with the cultural background you need to have. And something what really hits you in the face when you come to, not only Germany, but for example here there is something that you need to deal with or you cannot do anything. You need to adapt the situation but I think we, Manu and I we do well. That’s something really nice and enjoyable for your life, how to say that, to shape your character.

Do you learn a bit German?
Yes, we’re doing an A-level course. So I can say my name, my age and “Ein Bier bitte”. 🙂

What projects you are working on and which classes do you take on HdM?
In the minor program I did Big Data, Data Warehousing in an IT-workshop, also we had Implementation of Systems here we need to perform a real simulation of a real project for integrating a new system in an enterprise. Then we had Strategic Management this was kind of management topic, I don’t know how to describe. And of course the German course. Right now in the internship I’m working on a project based on we are working with a model train. We are extracting data from it, so that we can analyze it and push the data to the cloud or the data lake and then do some stream analytics on it. Also, we’re working with the Microsoft tools and the big data in the end we had a fascinating and powerful project that integrates many fields in just one thing.

What experiences do you take with you home from here?
I think the most important one: I have never worked before and it was really nice to be here working as an Intern. It was something that I enjoyed so much and when I come to the office I was enjoying it was not only work for me right now. So I think that experience being here and live how it is supposed to be in real life was really nice. And I really enjoyed being a part of the Erasmus program, because I was in the Minor. But I think the most important thing for me was the internship. I’m really happy with the decision to come to HdM.

Would you recommend a stay at HdM?
Yes, of course. I will try because in our country it’s kind of hard to go abroad. We are really attached to our country and our university. We aren’t really open to go abroad but Manu and I we are both from the same degree. And I will try to motivate some more people to come here. I would really recommend that this is something they need to do, leave like we did and you could not do that in another way. Just going here and enjoy everything from a different point of view. It’s really different but it forms your personality.

Bildcredits: C. Straus